About us

We are a design studio specialized in building great apps, products and services.
We master different fields as branding, product definition and UX/UI design.
Our lean methodology is optimized for short run projects and marathons missions.
We craft mobile apps for 1 to 5M daily users.

Joël Schillio, Founder

UX/UI Designer, Sprint Master

Graduated of Arts Décoratifs in Strasbourg, Joël is currently UX designer, artistic director and founder of the studio Designers' Team. Also "Master of Sprint" certified by Google, Joël organizes workshops, Sprints design and UX sessions reviews with teams of all sizes.

Yannick Fischer, Co-founder

Art Director, UX/UI Designer

Specializing in art direction, Yannick likes to built strong and powerful branding by mixing typography, colors and illustration and see how everything start to take shape in use applications, website or any other media.
Concurrently, at night, he draws and makes
linocut illustrations for himself or music bands.

As a Google UI/UX experts, we can run different kind of workshops that will boost the startup or company productivity. Using the Sprint Methodology developped with the Google Expert team, we can see crazy before / after results on app or website projects

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